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A Partial List of Settlements and Verdicts in our Other Practice Areas

Biker Hit by Car While in Bike Lane: $100,000.00
A 29 year-old male was biking northbound on Milwaukee Avenue, legally riding in the designated bicycle lane, in the City of Chicago.  An unknown driver of a vehicle also traveling northbound on Milwaukee Avenue swerved into our client, sending him over the handlebars of his bike and a nearby parked car.  The driver fled the scene, leaving the plaintiff seriously injured.  The plaintiff was successfully awarded his uninsured motorist policy limits of $100,000.00.

Bus Shelter Collapse: 3.2 Million Dollars.
A 79 year old female was injured when a bus shelter collapsed during a wind storm in the City of Chicago. She suffered multiple pelvic fractures and musculoskeletal injuries. A lawsuit was filed against the City of Chicago, the Chicago Transit Authority and M & A Construction. After settling a portion of the lawsuit with the City of Chicago and M & A construction, Plaintiff tried the case to verdict against the Chicago Transit Authority. Plaintiff rejected an offer of $750,000 and received the 3.2 Million verdict against the Chicago Transit Authority.

Electrical Explosion: 1.5 Million Dollars
A male electrician was badly burned at his employment when a switchgear machine exploded. Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against PCL/McHugh,, the general contractor for the project at 600 N. Michigan Avenue. Plaintiff alleged that PCL/McHugh failed to maintain the switchgear in a safe and suitable manner. Specifically, employees of PCL/McHugh allowed moisture to enter the switchgear, setting off a chain of events that led to arc tracking and the explosion. Plaintiff rejected a pre-trial offer of $200,000 and proceeded to trial. The case was vigorously defended but the jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff for several times the offered amount of settlement.

Medical Negligence: 1.01 Million Dollars
A female infant suffered a birth injury due to an alleged mismanagement of shoulder dystocia during her delivery. Plaintiff successfully alleged that the physicians used improper procedure to free Plaintiff’s shoulder when it became caught during the delivery. As a result of the alleged negligence, Plaintiff suffered an Erb’s palsy injury to her brachial plexus that limited her range of motion in her arm. Defendants made no offer on the case. The jury returned the verdict of 1.01 Million dollars against the delivering physicians and the hospital.

Car Accident: $850,00
An $850,000 settlement has been reached on behalf of the family of an elderly and ill Chicago man who died from a brain hemorrhage two days after a seemingly harmless car accident.

Work Injury: $794,000
A male millwright suffered a work injury while employed at a plant owned by E.M. Corporation. Plaintiff alleged that an employee of E.M. Corporation removed a covering in the floor the barricade a sump hole. Plaintiff fell into the hole suffering a knee injury and a torn rotator cuff. Plaintiff rejected a settlement offer of $300,000 and proceeded to trial on the case. The case was tried in the Federal Court in the Northern District of Illinois and the jury returned the verdict of $794,000.

Pharmaceutical Error: $750,000
Plaintiff was given the wrong dosage of coumadin, an anti-coagulation medication. Within 24 hours of taking the improper dosage, Plaintiff developed massive bleeding and cerebral hemorrhage that led to her death. Defendant disputed that the medication error caused the cerebral hemorrhage and subsequent death. Plaintiff was able to establish the requisite evidence to prove the causation element in the case. Defendant settled the case for $750,000 just prior to trial.

Defective Product: $750,000
Plaintiff factory worker suffered a crush injury to his arm when rollers on a printer/slotter machine caught his arm during his operation of the machine of the defective machine. Plaintiff filed an action against the Langston Corporation, the manufacturer of the machine, and Cal Electrical Service, an electrical maintenance company. Plaintiff was able to establish that Defendants negligently maintained the subject machine by failing to provide protective guards to the pinch points. Plaintiff litigated the case successfully and achieved the settlement just prior to trial against both defendants.

Automobile Negligence: $500,000
A 19-year old female was injured when a vehicle attempted a left turn directly into her path while she was driving in Calumet City, causing a major car accident. Plaintiff suffered a comminuted fracture of her femur, requiring an internal fixation with a steel rod in Plaintiff’s femur. Plaintiff also suffered a lacerated spleen. Plaintiff successfully established the strong damages components in the case and was able to achieve the settlement against the defendant.

Medical Negligence: $500,000
Infant was taken to the emergency room by her mother for symptoms of cough and cold. She was discharged but her condition deteriorated. She was diagnosed with whooping cough at a later date but she did not survive the pneumonia.. Plaintiff alleged that defendant negligently misdiagnosed the pertussis and this failure led to the infant’s wrongful death. Plaintiff successfully litigated the case and was able to achieve the settlement prior to trial.

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